Thursday, July 23, 2009

GlassesShop Online Optical store

Just last week my daughter Nicole asked if she can have a new pair of eyeglasses since it was 2 years ago since we changed it. Her eyeglasses are now small for her face. Nicole is now a preteen and she asked if she can have an eyeglasses that has a latest design. In my family I'm the only one that doesn't have eyeglasses, the last time I had my eye check up they said I still have 20/20 vision. My husband and my 2 kids started wearing eyeglasses when they were still young.

I searched online and I found Glassesshop an online optical store. This is a perfect online store for my family since they have different designs for Men, Women, and Kids and their prices are very competitive. They have new designs like Personalized Copywood Eyeglasses and Portable Clip Ons. It's nice to know that additional UV protection for your eyeglasses is free. We all know that exposure to bright sunlight may increase the risk to develop cataracts, age-related macular degeneration, including cancer.

I was amazed with their virtual try on glasses they have models with different face shape where you can try your selected glasses. Fashion wise, it's great because before you place an order you are sure that the design is appropriate to your face shape.

Best of all, they have Thank You Points. It's a reward, you earn points everytime you purchase on their website. You get points 10% of the amount purchased, every 1 point is equivalent to $1 and can be used on the next purchase. They ship to international customers and on selected countries they offer free shipping for every order that is more than $100. I don't have to go anywhere I can just order the eyeglasses for my husband and my 2 kids at Glassesshop, really convenient to me. I would also recommend the store to my relatives and friends.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Congenital Cataract (part 6)

Last thursday we went back to AEI for the follow up check up of Andy to her ophthalmologist. They had Andy read letters using the eye test chart. At AEI evrytime you visit for checkup, they'll have you check by their optometrist first before the ophthalmologist checks your eyes.

Few days before our visit to AEI, Andy complained that sometimes her eyes are itchy. I asked Dra. Pik Sha about it, she advised to have it cold compressed to relieve itchiness. She also prescribed an eye drop. The itchiness could be caused by the dust. Also I noticed that on her left eye the pupil is not round in shape, it's like a triangular shape. Dra. Pik Sha explained that since before the surgery the pupil was not located at the center of her eye, it was somewhere on the upper part of the eye, it will be hard to have a round shape pupil.

So far Andy's eye has completely healed, Dra. Pik Sha has not seen any problem inside her eyes. We are going back after 3 months so they can check if we have to change Andy's eyeglasses.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Which is better, soap or sanitizer?

During the AH1N1 outbreak, we would always see on TV ads health professionals advising people to frequently wash our hands at the same time doing a demo the right way of hand washing to prevent the spread of germs.

Which works better, is it soap or sanitizer? While alcohol based gels removes more germs, plain soap and water are fine for everyday washing according to our health experts. But neither works unless we do it right. With soap it takes 15 seconds of lathering to reduce bacterial count by 90%, 30 seconds to get 99.9%. Also health experts advised to dry our hands for at least 20 seconds with a towel. With our wet hands germs are more likely to spread compared to dry ones. With sanitizers, studies shown that most people don't use enough. We need to cover all surfaces of our hands - the tops, between fingers and the palms.

Gel sanitizers will evaporate into the skin and kill bacteria, but soap and water washes away more germs according to one of our health experts.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Family Day!

Since last week the kids we're asking to watch Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, but I was sick so they don't have a choice but to just stay at home last weekends. Until last night after my work, we (hubby, me, and the kids) went out to have dinner then watched Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen at SM San Lazaro. The kids enjoyed the movie, that's how simple we celebrate Family Day. What's important is the kids had fun.