Sunday, May 31, 2009

What to do when your husband is cheating?

My friend called me asking me how would she know if her husband is cheating. I was speechless for a minute I didn't know how to respond. She said that her husband used to go home early but now he always come home late and use his work as an excuse. His cellular phone is always in his pocket and the inbox is always empty and he is cold.

These couple are both my friends in college and it will really hurt me if I hear that bad things happened to their marriage. They have 2 kids and are still very young. I don't know what to advice her I am not an expert. What I know is that it's a human nature that we get attracted to other people anytime in our lives.

Cheaters always lie but they say woman's intuition is very strong however we cannot just confront our husband without any proof or validation. As a friend I told her to talk to her husband first about it. In my opinion it would be best to make a plan then choose the right time and place where you will have privacy so you can discuss things out.

I told her to be ready in case the husband admits. If he admit then this is really painful but she should decide if she can forgive and keep her husband. I guess if she can keep this just between the two of them the better, we don't know how the family would react especially the in-laws if they know it.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I got approved in PPP

I'm a newbie in blogging but while reading online I learned about PayPerPost. Way back in April 2009 my blog was already 90 days old. I applied in PayPerPost after few days I got a message that I didn't meet the requirements but I can reapply.

I continued reading online to learn more and ask help from my friend Mitch of Mitchiescorner. Last week I reapplied to PayPerPost and just yesterday I got a message that my blog has been approved. I am very happy since this is a new opportunity for a Mom like me who wants to have have extra income.

PayPerPost is a website which helps bloggers find advertisers who are willing to sponsor specific content. PayPerPost is one way to earn money online, it pays blogger for their opinion on different topics from your 'favorite perfume to 'car insurance'. One of the requirements is you need to have at least 20 posts in 90 days, there should be a date on every post. Post should be at least 5 sentences and also you need to create a Paypal account. Joining is easy, just visit the site and follow the steps. If you meet the requirements go ahead and submit your blog.

Friday, May 22, 2009

With P10 a day I was saved!

School days are coming in and every parents are busy taking care of all the school needs. From the enrollment fee, books, school uniform up to the school supplies (notebook, pencil, art needs etc). I have one kid in kindergarten and one in gradeschool. I am one of those parents who are stressed out thinking how to stretch the budget for this school year since most of the private schools increased their tuition fees.

Good thing that I had a coin bank, every day I put 2 P5 coin. I started June 2008, it was the time when I was really problematic where to get an additional budget. Now I was able to save P3,300, it's not really a big amount but it can take care of my children's school supplies.

Most of us aside from our wallet normally we still have a purse where we put all our coins. Sometimes we ignore those especially P1 and P5. With just P10 a day of savings in time it can turn into a big amount. But of course we should still have a different savings that will be taken out from our salary. My children was amazed to the amount I have saved. So now they started saving and they have their own coin bank.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

My baby is now a young lady

My eldest daughter Nicole who is now 11 had her first menstruation yesterday. I can never forget her text message "Mom come home, I have my period". I smiled and said to myself, "Wow, my baby is now a young lady".

Few days before her period she said she experienced stomach cramps, headache and she was moody. As a Mom I wanted to be involved, so we had bathroom conversation. I taught her how to use sanitary pad, when to change, and how she should dispose it. I told her to always have few pads inside her school bag since cycle can be very unpredictable. I gave her tips how to maintain clean and fresh. I actually gave her a personal hygiene kit.

Days are so fast that my baby is already growing into a young lady. It only means that my maturity as Mom should step up.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's Day Card

This is the card my kids gave me for Mother's Day, they were the one who made it. It was one of my happiest moment as Mom, at their age they were able to appreciate all the things I've done for them. They are very sweet. I promised them I will never be tired of loving and taking care of them.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Mother's Day to all Moms!!

I'm excited for this special day because for sure my kids will have something for me. I remember last year they gave me flowers and a greeting card. They were the one who made the card. They were very creative with their designs, its amazing.

To my Mom, Happy Mother's day! I love you!

credits to:123 Greetings

Monday, May 4, 2009

I'm a strict Mom!

I received an email from my friend, who is also a Mom. It's a link for an online quiz which says "What type of Mom are you..or Will you be? I went ahead and tried then it said "Your survey answers indicate you are a Strict Mom ".

Strict Mom - You believe that one of the most loving things we can do for our children is set firm rules and boundaries for them. If they learn how to behave properly early on in life, it can only benefit them later on, when you are not there every day to remind them. Just remember that as important as it is to teach your children how to behave, it is just as important to give them a lot of affection and praise, as well as some freedom to make (and learn from) their mistakes.

Laid Back Mom - You tend to be a relaxed person who believes that the world we live in these days is far too stressful. By the same token, you like to do everything in your power to shield your children from excessive stress. To you, childhood is a time for free play and free time, and you are not big on scheduling lots of formal activities for your children. Just remember, they might enjoy a few scheduled activities mixed in with all that "free play" time.

Affectionate Mom - In your view, a Mother's number one job is to show her children a lot of love, affection, and encouragement. You believe in praising your children as much as humanly possible, and you are not terribly fond of setting a lot of rules and boundaries, because this strikes you as a more punitive style of parenting. Just remember, hugging and praising is one way to show kids love, and teaching them right from wrong is another, equally valid way.

Super-Mom - You believe strongly that a happy, effective Mom is one who is content not only in her family/home life, but also in her professional life. You have worked hard to achieve your current position, and just because you have children now, you have no desire to leave the world of work behind. Just remember that parenthood requires flexibility, so don't totally rule out alternative possibilities, such as working part-time until your kids are school-age.

Here's the link, go ahead and try it.