Saturday, May 16, 2009

My baby is now a young lady

My eldest daughter Nicole who is now 11 had her first menstruation yesterday. I can never forget her text message "Mom come home, I have my period". I smiled and said to myself, "Wow, my baby is now a young lady".

Few days before her period she said she experienced stomach cramps, headache and she was moody. As a Mom I wanted to be involved, so we had bathroom conversation. I taught her how to use sanitary pad, when to change, and how she should dispose it. I told her to always have few pads inside her school bag since cycle can be very unpredictable. I gave her tips how to maintain clean and fresh. I actually gave her a personal hygiene kit.

Days are so fast that my baby is already growing into a young lady. It only means that my maturity as Mom should step up.

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