Monday, May 4, 2009

I'm a strict Mom!

I received an email from my friend, who is also a Mom. It's a link for an online quiz which says "What type of Mom are you..or Will you be? I went ahead and tried then it said "Your survey answers indicate you are a Strict Mom ".

Strict Mom - You believe that one of the most loving things we can do for our children is set firm rules and boundaries for them. If they learn how to behave properly early on in life, it can only benefit them later on, when you are not there every day to remind them. Just remember that as important as it is to teach your children how to behave, it is just as important to give them a lot of affection and praise, as well as some freedom to make (and learn from) their mistakes.

Laid Back Mom - You tend to be a relaxed person who believes that the world we live in these days is far too stressful. By the same token, you like to do everything in your power to shield your children from excessive stress. To you, childhood is a time for free play and free time, and you are not big on scheduling lots of formal activities for your children. Just remember, they might enjoy a few scheduled activities mixed in with all that "free play" time.

Affectionate Mom - In your view, a Mother's number one job is to show her children a lot of love, affection, and encouragement. You believe in praising your children as much as humanly possible, and you are not terribly fond of setting a lot of rules and boundaries, because this strikes you as a more punitive style of parenting. Just remember, hugging and praising is one way to show kids love, and teaching them right from wrong is another, equally valid way.

Super-Mom - You believe strongly that a happy, effective Mom is one who is content not only in her family/home life, but also in her professional life. You have worked hard to achieve your current position, and just because you have children now, you have no desire to leave the world of work behind. Just remember that parenthood requires flexibility, so don't totally rule out alternative possibilities, such as working part-time until your kids are school-age.

Here's the link, go ahead and try it.

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