Friday, May 22, 2009

With P10 a day I was saved!

School days are coming in and every parents are busy taking care of all the school needs. From the enrollment fee, books, school uniform up to the school supplies (notebook, pencil, art needs etc). I have one kid in kindergarten and one in gradeschool. I am one of those parents who are stressed out thinking how to stretch the budget for this school year since most of the private schools increased their tuition fees.

Good thing that I had a coin bank, every day I put 2 P5 coin. I started June 2008, it was the time when I was really problematic where to get an additional budget. Now I was able to save P3,300, it's not really a big amount but it can take care of my children's school supplies.

Most of us aside from our wallet normally we still have a purse where we put all our coins. Sometimes we ignore those especially P1 and P5. With just P10 a day of savings in time it can turn into a big amount. But of course we should still have a different savings that will be taken out from our salary. My children was amazed to the amount I have saved. So now they started saving and they have their own coin bank.

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