Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I got approved in PPP

I'm a newbie in blogging but while reading online I learned about PayPerPost. Way back in April 2009 my blog was already 90 days old. I applied in PayPerPost after few days I got a message that I didn't meet the requirements but I can reapply.

I continued reading online to learn more and ask help from my friend Mitch of Mitchiescorner. Last week I reapplied to PayPerPost and just yesterday I got a message that my blog has been approved. I am very happy since this is a new opportunity for a Mom like me who wants to have have extra income.

PayPerPost is a website which helps bloggers find advertisers who are willing to sponsor specific content. PayPerPost is one way to earn money online, it pays blogger for their opinion on different topics from your 'favorite perfume to 'car insurance'. One of the requirements is you need to have at least 20 posts in 90 days, there should be a date on every post. Post should be at least 5 sentences and also you need to create a Paypal account. Joining is easy, just visit the site and follow the steps. If you meet the requirements go ahead and submit your blog.

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