Saturday, July 18, 2009

Congenital Cataract (part 6)

Last thursday we went back to AEI for the follow up check up of Andy to her ophthalmologist. They had Andy read letters using the eye test chart. At AEI evrytime you visit for checkup, they'll have you check by their optometrist first before the ophthalmologist checks your eyes.

Few days before our visit to AEI, Andy complained that sometimes her eyes are itchy. I asked Dra. Pik Sha about it, she advised to have it cold compressed to relieve itchiness. She also prescribed an eye drop. The itchiness could be caused by the dust. Also I noticed that on her left eye the pupil is not round in shape, it's like a triangular shape. Dra. Pik Sha explained that since before the surgery the pupil was not located at the center of her eye, it was somewhere on the upper part of the eye, it will be hard to have a round shape pupil.

So far Andy's eye has completely healed, Dra. Pik Sha has not seen any problem inside her eyes. We are going back after 3 months so they can check if we have to change Andy's eyeglasses.

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