Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Congenital Cataract (part 3)

This is Andy my daughter who had congenital cataract, she's now 5 years old and just finish nursery. We went to another pediatric - opthalmologist in Asian Eye Institute for a second opinion. The doctor discussed to us my daughter's case and they have the same diagnosis with our first doctor. She has a miotic pupil, we tried to dilate her pupil. She was under medication for two weeks using Atropine and Mydfrin but pupil didn't dilate into a descent size. It wasn't enough for them to get her exact eye grade. They both recommend surgery but this time the doctor wants surgery for the pupil, it's called "pupillatomy anterior vitrectomy", and have lens implant when she turns 7. The doctor wants a conservative way in dealing my daughter's case because of the risks and there was a history of inflammation during her cataract surgery. One thing that I got afraid of was the 2 doctors have different way of putting a lens implant on the eyes. Our first opthalmologist said that lens will be placed infront of the iris. The risk is when the pressure on the eye went high there's a possibility of retina detachment or even loss of vision. The second opthalomologist said that he will put the lens behind the iris because putting infront might damage the cornea. I didn't know where to go so I searched online to educate myself more. Then I found Medhelp an online health community. I posted a question and glad that they responded so quickly.

Me and my husband decided to go with the second opthalmologist because we agree to him. We don't have to be agressive in dealing the case because she's still young. There was a history of inflammation that made the pupil not fully developed. We all do not know how fast is she going to recover.


  1. you know ... my mother has Retinitis pigmentosa (R.P.) and she is now completely non sighted. She facilitates therapy groups and is an individual therapist. Soon she will be going for her Doctorate Degree. She has graduated with high honors when she got her B.A. and her M.A. Not to mention that this amazing woman (my mom) is President of a distinguished Group / Sorority at her college.

    There is such hope for her. If my mother can accomplish so much without sight, anyone can reach for their dreams with hard work and perseverance too!

    I can't imagine being a mom going through this process. I can only view it from watching my mother losing her vision. It was traumatic for me being her daughter to see her world close up to darkness. I know that this affect the entire family. There is not a cure for my mothers vision currently. I hope that one day there will be and she gets to see her Grandchildren. ya know?

    I am very interested in hearing about what is going on with your precious daughter. I pray for her and for you as you go along this difficult journey. God Bless.

  2. Wow amazing, your Mom is an inspiration. My daughter can still see but she's wearing +18 aphakic glasses. We'll have the surgery in two weeks, at her age she's willing to take the risk just to better her vision.

    Thanks for the prayer I will continue to post about my daughter's journey. Blogging maybe the simple way for us to share and inspire people that has the same problem. Especially that we are from a poor country that not everybody can afford and have the courage to find the cure.