Sunday, October 25, 2009

What is Pterygium?

Many things happened to me this past few weeks, I never had a chance to blog. Had a problem with my work, health, and with my Nanny. But everything is back to normal now and I just hope that it will continue to be ok.

Last month, a redddish pimple-like grew in my left eye. I thought it's because of stress so I made sure I had enough rest.I also appplied an eye drop to lessen the rednness but one week after I noticed that the size increased. I went to the ophthalmologist and had my eyes checked. The doctor said it's because of stress he gave me a sterile ophthalmic drops,he also checked my eye pressure and it's within the normal range. I was impatient because I've been using the drops for two weeks but I haven't seen any improvement. I went back to him and he just said not to worry then just finish the bottle. Since he is the expert I followed what he said. After a week the reddish pimple-like grew bigger and it's already near my iris. I was impatient again so I visited another ophthalmologist and I was advised that it's called pterygium.

Pterygium is a raised, wedge-shaped growth of the conjunctiva. It is most common among those who live in tropical climates or spend a lot of time in the sun. Symptoms may include irritation, redness, and tearing. Pterygiums are nourished by tiny capillaries that supply blood to the tissue.

The second ophthalmologist advised me to stop the eye drops I'm using since it didn't help, I used it for four weeks. He said to wait for another week if it's still red then I have to undergo surgery because it may affect my vision since it's already near the iris. He also advised to avoid too much exposure to the sunlight and use shades with uv protection.

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