Saturday, January 31, 2009

Congenital Cataract (Part 2)

We went to the Aphakic specialist and had my daughter checked. Me and my husband were a little bit nervous since it will be a very serious discussion. He said that it's about time to have lens implant since my daughter is already 4 years old and kid's eyes stops to develop at age 9. According to him my daughter has a complicated case, the diagnosis are miotic pupil, nystagmus and microcornea. There was an inflammation after the cataract surgery and that made the pupil did not develop properly.

The doctor discussed the benefits and risks of having surgery and it scared us. The surgery will be a gamble not just for his team but also for us parents. It may improve or may loss my daughter's vision and it really hurt us so much. The doctor advised to take time and carefully decide on this. He assured us that his team will do everything if in case we decided. If we are not going to have lens implant my daughter will be wearing very thick and heavy eyeglasses all her life. Also there's a possibility that she'll lost her vision anytime in her life because of miotic pupil.

As parents we want the best for our child but how are we going to react if one day she'll say "Mommy it's very dark, I can't see anything". I'm a positive person and has a strong faith in God but I believe that we have to think also other possibilities. I cannot forget the important word the doctor said "acceptance" we have to be ready to everything. We have to be ready whether the surgery will be successful or not.

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