Friday, February 27, 2009

Are you social networking?

Today's generation are really fortunate because internet was created. It does a lot of things in our daily lives like communication, e-commerce, education etc. With Internet, social networking started like Friendster, Multiply, Facebook. We can search people like old friends, classmates during high school and college. Users can join networks, add friends, send messages, and update personal profile to notify friends about themselves.

On my previous posts, I was able to share my experiences with my youngest daughter, Andy, who had congenital cataract. Her previous opthalmologist Dr. Froilan, who took care of her eyes when she was still a baby, migrated to USA. Andy will have surgery again this summer and her current opthalmologist is requesting for the medical records with Dr. Froilan.

I tried researching online and I found him in Whitepages, his contact number and mailing address are available. But had a second thought to call him on phone because he might not that open to receive a call from someone he is not familiar with, we were just one of his many patients here in Manila. One of the members on his household was listed in Whitepages. With Facebook I was able to find the person and sent an email asking if she's related to the doctor.

Thank God! She replied and said that she forwarded my email to Dr. Froilan and just wait for the response. At least we are now one step forward to gathering the medical history. I am hoping that one of these days Dr. Froilan will respond to my email.

Thanks to Facebook!

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