Wednesday, February 18, 2009

don't go to bed angry

Arguments and fights happen to any married couples. Some believed on the phrase, "don't go to bed angry". Yeah it is hard to sleep when you're angry but the phrase may work to other couples but not to everybody.

With my marriage, we normally sleep on it (lol). We resolve conflicts when we're both calmed down. Imagine two persons living together on one roof with different personality it takes a huge effort. It's best to give each other a personal space. But sometimes we go to the mall, treat each other, buy something for each other just to relieve stress.Then when we go home, that's the time we discuss the issue.

Listening is very important, each one should be given ample to time to talk and be heard. However, don't wait too long to discuss any unresolved issues. Each one should have an initiative to patch up things, it should always be a teamwork.

I agree to the saying "Go to sleep and look at the subject afresh in the positive light and mood of the day".

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