Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Online Video Games

Yesterday afternoon, I watched "Sweet Life" a talkshow from QTV. One of their discussions was about video games that most kids enjoy nowadays.

I remember when I was still a kid with my cousins, we used to play patintero, hide and seek, chinese garter for the boys they played basketball, baseball. I grew up in the province and we played mostly outdoor games.

Children in today's generation has different interest, they are now into high tech gadgets, chatting and playing games online. As parents it's alarming because kids spent most of their time if not on TV on online video games. It may reduce opportunities for talking as well as interaction among family members. It may somehow change the child's behavior and affects studies.

For me it's still best to engage our children into outdoor games or sports. However we cannot deprive then on playing video games since it's part of their generation. Depriving them sometimes can be the reason for them to hide or lie.
It would be best to set rules and regulations so we can prevent our kids to becoming video games addict. We can set a time and day where it's ok to play. Especially during weekdays maybe they can play after school an hour and maximum of 2 hours but this is after homework. During weekends we may increase their hours for playing.

Playing video games can be made also as a reward whenever they do good things. It can be a punishment to not play if they fail to accomplish what has to be done.

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