Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What to do when your child is injured

As soon as our child learn to walk, he is prone to accident. We start seeing cuts, scratches, and bruises either in his arms or legs. It would be best to be prepared and have a first aid kit within our reach.

The most common wounds to kids when playing are:

Abrasion - this normally happens when child love the slide at the playground. An abrasion is where the upper layer of the skin is rubbed as a result of friction. What to do: Wash injured area with soap and water. Put antiseptic ointment on the abrasion. To protect the wound from exposure to dirt which may lead to infection, cover it with a sterile fressing or bandage.

Burns - it is cused by heat. What to do: Let cool water run on burned area or apply cold compress. If it has redness, pain, minor swelling but without blisters it's only first degree burn and first aid is allowable. Never apply toothpaste which most Filipino usually do, it can cause infection.

Cuts and laceration - cut is an opening or breakage of the skin while laceration is an irregular cut. What to do: Before we inspect our child's cut make sure that hands are clean. Wash the area with soap and warm water. For cut wounds that are bleeding hold the injured part up higer that the heart. You may also apply pressure on the cut by using a clean cloth.

It is important to have a first aid kit inside the house or car. Here are the most basic that can be found inside the first aid kit.

-sterilize gauze
-adhesive tape
-antiseptic wipes
-bar of soap
-antibiotic cream
-hydrogen peroxide
-sharp scissors
-safety pins
-calamine lotion
-disposable instant cold packs
-adhesive and elastic bandage in different sizes

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