Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Marriage: A work in progress

I enjoy reading magazines about family and marriage, one of the articles said "Marriage: A work in progress". I continue reading it and I realized that there is something in common with my marriage and the article.

My husband and I started as a friend. We've been hanging out with common group of friends before we started dating, up to now we remained the best of friends. We can talk about anything and everything to each other.

As a couple we support each other and face life together but I believe that it's important to have an individuality. Our society is used to see women staying at home performing domestic responsibilities. As modern woman, I continue to grow and pursue what I want. I agree that we have to love ourselves first so we can love others.

Marriage should be constantly evolving with both parties adjusting to one another. Both should work hard to appreciate and understand each other deeper. We must continue to know each other and learn to deal with our differences. Just imagine how nice to share a life with someone.

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