Friday, March 6, 2009

Shopping for a Preschool

Children of today are really advanced when it comes to learning. As young as 3 years old children can recite english alphabet, can count 1 to 10, can identify color and shape, some can even do addition and subtraction. Aside from those what else do we look into a learning center for our little ones.

I enrolled my four year old daughter in a learning center near us. It is not an expensive school nor they have a state of the art facility. Before she was a little bratty, but when I enrolled her she learned to get along with other kids and be creative, learned values such as sharing and cooperation. She can now tie her shoelace, she always say 'please and thank you', and has become more confident.

During the formative years, it's important that children is taught of values which will be building blocks of their character such as respect, self-confidence, creativity, and resourcefulness. As parents, we want our children to have an opportunity to explore their potentials.
Today's baby steps are tomorrow's leap of success.

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