Friday, March 27, 2009

Plan the best gift for Mom

I know Mother's Day is still far but it would be best to start thinking what's the best gift to give. Especially that I have so many friends who are Mom already, different Moms have different personalities

I tried reading online and different magazines about the best gift to give. Here are some suggestions:

Corporate Mom: Slim leather briefcase, planner, coffee tumbler

Mom on the go: Big bag where she can bring to any affair, water bottle, handy notebook, wallet where she can put some of hercards

Mrs. Senti: A very nice pen and a journal, mug with colorful designs, since she is the keeper of the family photos and letters a keepsake chest is best

Practical Mom: Give her something she can use everyday and for a long time. Dinner plate set, soup and dessert plate set or luncheon plates

We can now start planning where the best store to buy or we can shop online. It doesn't matter if our gifts are expensive or not as long as we give with love and sincerity. It's always the thought that counts.

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